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Steel Spill Pallet

2 drum/4 drum/2 drum mobile

KOUDX steel spill pallet can be used for storing, handling and separating oil drums and chemical drums. It is made of 

3mm  hot-rolled steel plate, stable and durable. The pallet body is coated with epoxy resin powder, forming a bright, 

dust-proof,rust-proof and moisture-proof surface. The fberglass-reinforced grate of light weight, high strength, wear 

resistance and aging resistance can be removed for easy cleaning. The pallet can meet the handling needs of various 

forklifts. The cart type two drum pallet, with large sump capacity, is more convenient to operate. It is designed in 

accordance with the leakage containing standards, and has passed the 100% leakage containing test. 


Product Specifications
Product Spill Pallet
Product Spill Control
Product Drum Spill Pallet
Products Spill Containment pallet
Products Spill Kit
Capacity 180L-350L
Colour Yellow
Best Selling SSP101


Spill Control

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